Putting Your Self Storage Space to Good Use

empty storage unit with a blue doorSometimes, there is just too much stuff in your garage. Instead of trying to sell or get rid of a ton of things, consider storing them in a storage unit. AAA Self Storage can help keep your valuables safe. Renting a unit can be a great way to keep things you need, without sacrificing space in your home. Before making this step though, it is important to decide what you want to store, and then decide on the unit size you need.

Decide What You Want to Store

The first thing to know is what you need to store. This may sound simple, but this space is not simply an extra garage. It should not be used as place to put things until you decide what to do with them. Certain items like bulk food may not be a good idea. Having your tools for tinkering there might be good idea though. While many people use units as a way to place extra items out of the way, it should not be used as an excuse to hang onto items either.

Depending on this, you may want to think about storing the item in your house, not a unit space. Not everything should or can be stored in a unit. A few suggestion however, would be furniture you do not currently have room for. Items needs for a hobby that are too big to keep in your home. This can include paints, easels, canvases, clay, potter wheels, or other large hobby tools. Weekend getaway items such as canoes, tents, portable grills, and coolers may also be good to store. 

Choose a Size

Now that you know what you need to store, you can decide on the size of unit to rent. Depending on your needs, you may need a small unit space, or a large one. These units usually come in various sizes. They can be as big as a regular closet, or the size of a small room. Keep in mind how accessible the unit will be for you too. This is not only speaking of fit for your items, but whether or not you can move easily in the unit too.

Getting the perfect fit for your stuff is all well and good, but having to constantly take out items from the front to get to items in the back is never fun. If you are planning to put furniture in the space, then you must consider movability too. Can you get the piece of furniture in? Will you be able to get it back out? Can you still move around after it’s in? With larger items, it may be a good idea to take measurements before signing a storage lease. This way you can be sure the space will suit your needs.

Choose AAA Self Storage

Having a unit can be a great way to keep track of your stuff, and get it out of the way too. AAA Self Storage has a variety of units available to suits your needs. Regardless of your needs, a storage unit can usually meet them. Just make sure that what you are thinking of storing can be stored, and that you get an appropriate size to match.