Organization Tips for Storage Units

Row of red storage unitsPeople rent storage units for a variety of reasons. They include moving, needing more space, and combining households. AAA Self Storage has a variety of storage units for you to choose from. Whatever your argument, there are certain steps you should take so it doesn’t become an uncontrollable mess no one ever wants to step into. 

How to Pack the Boxes in Your Storage Unit

First, make sure that you only use one or two different types of boxes. This will make stacking easier. Second, do not pack fragile items with things are not breakable. Place as much as possible in boxes so that your belongings do not end up covered in dust. However, do not make the boxes too heavy or you risk injury and having them fall over. You may also want to put your stuff in bags or cover it with plastic to avoid mold and mildew. Third, be sure to label your boxes so that you know what is in each of them. Finally, when you place the boxes in your storage unit, be sure they are sealed with packing tape and face the labeled side outward.

How to Set Up Your Storage Unit

Once the boxes are packed and sealed, be sure to stack them with the heavier ones on the bottom. Leave an aisle so that you have access to everything you are placing in your storage unit and put the boxes that will be used most often in the front so that you can get to them without having to move a ton of stuff out of your way.

If you are storing furniture, be sure to take the legs off of tables and the like. Use empty space within wardrobes and refrigerators for additional storage. If you do take anything apart, be sure to keep all parts together and labeled and if you are storing any gas powered devices, be sure to drain all of it out as many states prohibit storing hazardous or flammable materials in storage units. Also, when storing furniture be sure to cover it with a blanket or sheet so as to prevent damage and dust.

You will need to place moth balls, moisture absorbents, and rat bait strategically throughout your storage unit. Keep an inventory of your belongings in a place where it will not get lost. Also, consider using cardboard or wooden pallets on the floor of your storage space.

Storage units are a good idea if you’re trying to get rid of clutter without actually getting rid of anything. If you are in need of a storage unit in the El Paso area, you should use AAA Self Storage. We are a locally owned and operated storage service that offers secure and reliable climate controlled storage.