How to Optimize Your Storage: Tricks and Tips

Caucasian man and woman with various props at a typical commercial storage unit.So you have stuff you need to store. Don’t we all? When it comes to self-storage, you essentially have two options: let your valuable stuff live in squalor or keep it organized. It’s easy to justify leaving your storage a mess, especially since you hardly ever see the inside of it, but really, that’s the last thing you want to do. At AAA Self Storage, we encourage our customers to keep their storage space organized and tidy for easy access and to prevent your items from getting damaged. These tips can help you do so!

Tip #1: Organize, Organize, Organize

When you put belongings in storage, a label maker becomes your best friend. You can use it to label what’s inside boxes, drawers, and old pieces of furniture. You can label what needs to be temperature controlled and what doesn’t. You can even label what belongs to you and what belongs to other members of your family. Doing this allows you to keep everything in order.

Tip #2: Think About the Order

You’ll want to organize your things from what you’ll need to access the least to the most. The ones you won’t touch for years should be stored in the back and the things you’ll need periodically should be placed toward the front. This way, it makes for easy access.

Tip #3: Don’t Store Perishables

Think about it. The last thing you want is to come back to a bug infestation, maggots, or a rotten food smell. We also encourage customers to never leave pets in storage either. While our units are temperature controlled, it’s still unhealthy for your furry best friend to be left there.

Tip #4: Insure Your Valuables

If you are storing expensive items, like jewelry, appliances, or furniture, it may be a good idea to get them insured. While we do our best to keep our units protected from the weather, thieves, and what have you, accidents still happen. Insuring your items can help accommodate for any unexpected damages.

Tip #5: Know What Size You’ll Need Beforehand

Do you need storage to store a few extra things or do you need to pack up all of your belongings because you’re going on a year long trip around the world? You’ll want to plan out what size you’ll need beforehand, so you don’t find yourself needing more space later on.

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