How Much Do You Know About Storage Units? Why Should You Rent?

a long row of storage units with a blue sky in the backgroundWhen it comes to storing your belongings at a storage facility, how much do you actually know about renting out storage units? Price, size, and security are just of the few things you need to know more about. If you have items that are causing clutter in your home, renting out a storage unit is a popular way to solve the problem. If you are in the El Paso area, AAA Self Storage can assist you with all your storage needs. You shouldn’t have to suffer with too much clutter around your home; so take a step back and enjoy the benefits of keeping your things in a safe place!

Sizing And Prices

Finding out pricing for sizes of units is important because it can ultimately make or break your decision to rent it out. Rates will depend on size, location, and demand. Rent rates are usually competitive but may be higher at a facility if all other facilities are full. You will have to call around to compare prices and determine for yourself what you are willing to pay. Rent rates also depend on size and whether or not a unit is drive up, enclosed, indoor, etc. These are all things you should think about and consider before renting.

Security Is A Top Priority

Security is another main concern for those who put their personal items in a unit. Most people want to know and be assured that their items are safe. To begin, you will lock your unit with a pad lock so that alone ensures that your unit is safe. On top of that, an electronic gate is usually provided at most up to date facilities. This means that only those with a private code can get into the grounds. This is good news for you as usually only customers with units have codes to get in. Aside from this, the property will be well lighted and 24-hour security cameras are probably going. All in all, most storage facilities now are very secure and there are not issues with loss of property.

Why Rent A Unit?

So why rent storage units? Decluttering is a main reason to store items but maybe you want to store seasonal items that you don’t use as often. Or you have a vehicle or RV that is only used during certain months out of the year. If you like to stay organized, renting a storage unit may be a smart choice for you personally. If you live in El Paso or the surrounding area and need to rent storage units, AAA Self Storage can help you find space for your extra items.

We know how important it is to have a reliable and reputable self storage facility in your area that you can get to quickly and whenever you need to. We are dedicated to quality customer service and hope to help you with all your needs! If you would like more information please call us today as we would love to fill you in on what we have available and what services we offer.