Finding the Right Car Storage

cars on a lotWhile there is no shortage of storage unit facilities in El Paso, finding a good car storage unit can be a bit more difficult. Whether you are in the military and deploying, taking a long trip, or simply need a safe space for your classic car, protecting your car is important. Your car is most likely one of your most expensive and functional belongings. Finding the right storage unit to protect your vehicle is important.

Elements of a Good Car Storage

There are several factors that you want to look out for when shopping for car storage. First and foremost, you want to find a covered unit. This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised to find out how many facilities simply offer a parking spot and charge outrageous prices. The second factor you want to look for is a parking on level ground. Storing your vehicle in a car storage at an incline for a prolonged period of time could cause damage. If the parking brake is not engaged you will put pressure on the transmission gears. The oils and fluids can also pool in unnatural places and cause damage to engine parts. Parking on an incline for too long can also cause uneven wear to the tires.

When looking for car storage you also want to find a good location with easy access and proper security. It is important to find a family member or friend who will be able to turn on the vehicle and let it run once to twice a month. Finding a car storage unit with easy access will only make this task less of a hassle. As one of your most valuable belongings, you will also want to be sure the location has secure gates and video cameras for protection.

A Place for All Your Property

If you are looking to for a storage unit along with your car storage AAA Self Storage is a great facility. We can provide protection and access for your belongings, car, and RV. We over climate controlled units for the valuables in your home, and a safe reliable covered spot for your vehicle. We even have storage for your RV at our west side location.

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