Tips for Driving Out of Trailer Storage

RVs in a lineIt may seem as if you just parked your RV in trailer storage, but before you know it, you will be on the road again. However, before you head out on your first camping trip of the season, there are steps that you should take so that you do not end up roughing it on the side of the road.

Wash and Inspect Your RV Before Taking it Out of Trailer Storage

The first thing you should do when you get ready to drive out of trailer storage is wash your RV.  Be sure to get all of the dust, dirt, and bugs off. Do not forget to wash the undercarriage or the awning. Extendable handle wash brushes make the washing process easier and avoid the need for ladders.

Once your RV is clean, it needs to be inspected. Begin by checking the seams of the roof for missing or cracked sealant and replace as needed. RV roof leaks can be particularly damaging and can cause a roof bubble which is unrepairable. You should also pay special attention to the corners of the camper and check the sidewall seams, as well.

Maintenance Required After Trailer Storage

Be sure to check each tire to ensure they are properly inflated and add air as needed. You should also inspect them for cracks, wear, or dry rot. If you have a tow-behind camper trailer, you may need to have the bearings repacked and/or replaced. Have your electric brakes checked and adjusted and be sure to remember to tighten all the lug nuts before traveling out of trailer storage.

The next thing you need to do is inspect the battery for cracks. If you find any, you will need a new battery before you can leave trailer storage. If there are no cracks, you should disconnect and clean the battery connections with a corrosion resistant cleaner and lubricant. Then, check the fluid levels in the battery and charge it completely. You can then safely reconnect the battery. You need to then check all of the fluid levels and, if you have a generator, you should service the oil and filters and prepare it for use.

While you are working on the outside, you should open up the windows and doors and air out your RV. You should also give the inside a thorough cleaning and then repair or replace any damaged hoses or electrical wiring. Be sure to clean and test your appliances and have them serviced if they are not running properly.

You are now almost ready to leave trailer storage and go camping. However, you should first drain the fresh water tank, rinse it out and fill with clean water. Send the clean water through the lines and check them for leaks. Also, remember to remove the water heater bypass kit and repair any leaks in the water system. Finally, check or replace the water filter canister.

If you are in the El Paso area and need trailer storage, AAA Self Storage’s west side location has trailer storage available for your RV. Call us today for more information!