When Should You Consider Climate Controlled Storage?

climate controlled storage with boxes in itHaving a storage unit is useful for keeping items of some value out of the way. However, if these items become damaged in storage, that defeats the purpose of the unit. Depending on what you are planning to store, you may want to consider climate controlled storage. AAA Self Storage of El Paso has a variety of climate controlled storage units for you to choose from. Before choosing this option, you should consider these two things. First, what you’re storing, because it may be sensitive to the climate. Second, consider the maintenance of the goods.  

What Are You Storing?

The first thing to think about before choosing this kind of storage is what exactly you are planning to store. Certain items do not require climate control, while others do. Leather goods, videotapes, and wood can warp under different climates. If you are planning to store these types of goods, then you should consider climate controlled storage. This will help ensure that your good will not become damaged in while in storage.

In addition, using climate controlled storage lets you have more options for what you store. Most people think of storage as only for extra items, or things you do not want to give up but cannot keep in your home. Camping supplies, perhaps, or spare car parts. These types of items are certainly good for storage, but what about more valuable items? This can be items used for a hobby, such as pottery or painting. Both of these hobbies are pricey and hard to store. Using a climate controlled storage unit allows you place these items in the unit without fear.

Easier to Maintain Goods

There are a number of goods that require climate controlled storage in order to be properly maintained. This can be very problematic if you live in area with difficult weather. Regardless if it is extreme heat or cold, or even extreme humidity, certain goods will not react well to the weather. Some goods that’ll last longer with climate controlled storage are mattresses, paintings, leather goods, books and other types of paper materials, metal appliances, and sports equipment. All of these items will benefit from these kinds of units.

Now, most of these items are not likely to become seriously damaged without climate control, but that depends on the storage time and weather. If you are planning on storing these goods for a short time, then perhaps you do not need this kind of storage. But if you are planning to leave any of these items in storage for more than three months, then you should consider it.

An important aspect of self-storage is making sure your valuables are stored properly. If they are sensitive to weather or can become damaged in the wrong weather, then you should consider using climate controlled storage. AAA Self Storage of El Paso offers climate controlled storage to help maintain your possessions. Remember to consider the goods you are storing and if they need to be maintained in a certain climate. Knowing these two things will help you decide if this kind of storage is best for you.