Self Storage Tips


These storage tips can help prepare you for storing your items.

Preparing Your Possessions

First and foremost, you have to know what items you are going to store. We recommend making a list of all the items to be stored. You can add or take items out as you think about it for a couple of days. This process should be started a month in a half to a month in advance. After you have finalized your list, you can bring it by our offices, where our staff can advise you on the best storage size and type for your needs.

Always remember to read the lease before you sign our rental agreement. This is a way to protect both us and our clients by stating all rules and requirements up front. Some rules to remember when renting at AAA Self Storage are:

  • It is against the law to store materials that are hazardous or combustible such as gasoline, cleaning fluids, paint, etc. Drain all gasoline from lawnmowers, power tools, boats, snowmobile or any other gas­ powered devices before storing them.
  • DO NOT assume your homeowner or renter’s insurance will cover your stored belongings. You may need to purchase additional insurance. We have insurance forms available in our offices.
  • DO NOT store food items that could attract rodents or pests.

This will inform you of company policies on moving out, paying the rent, and other important information. After all the paperwork is done, be sure to get all the packing supplies you may need. These include boxes, tape, bubble wrap, markers, rope, pallets and anything else you may need to store your possessions.

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