Tips For Organizing Your Self Storage Unit

Caucasian man and woman with various props at a typical commercial storage unit.Packing is only one of the many stressful aspects of moving. This stress can be multiplied when you add the need for a self storage unit. Some storage units can look like a pile of nonsense with chair and couches suspended on top of boxes. This normally happens when a family has to back a unit in a hurry. This can also be the case when a person has to visit a unit repeatedly to take things out and put them back in. We have a few tips to make packing your self storage a bit more stress-free.

Pick One Size For All Your Boxes

The first step to stress free packing is picking one size box for all your belongings. Now, we know what you are thinking. If you forage for boxes from work, friends, and family you can cut down on costs. However, buying one sized box for everything really is worth the benefit. Once you start stacking them in your self-storage and see how easy it is to Tetris stack them perfectly, you will be so happy you decided to spend a bit of cash on cardboard boxes.

Easy Access

The next tip to better organized packing is to keep in mind the items you will need to come back and get later. You will want to set these aside and make sure to leave room for them in the very front of your self storage unit. Otherwise, your unit will begin to look like a mess as the months pass.

Label Everything

It may seem like a no-brainer, but labeling every single box and item will go a long ways. Don’t give in to the temptation to quickly pack a box and move on to the next thing. Sometimes labeling falls to the wayside when the packing has become redundant and stressful. However, when it comes time to move all of the uniform boxes into your new home, you will be thankful you took the few extra seconds to label every single box.

Strategic Stacking

When you start packing all your uniform boxes you will be so grateful you stuck to one size box for everything. (Your welcome) This will also make it much easier to create a map of your self storage unit. This may sound like a overachiever move or perhaps obsessive compulsive, however, it is a good idea for anyone who will be visiting the storage unit regularly. It is also a good idea if you will have the unit for an extended period of time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Rearrange

While you are packing your items for the first time, do not be afraid to take things out and put them back in. If it means that it will be of benefit in the long run, it could be a good idea. The last thing you want is boxes falling over while you are away.

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