Tips for Packing Your Storage Unit

Caucasian man and woman with various props at a typical commercial storage unit.Whether you are clearing up space in your home or planning a move, storage units can be very useful. However, packing the unit can often be hard if it isn’t done right. It is one thing to stack boxes in an orderly fashion, but when furniture and other household items are involved the task becomes more difficult. All too often people become frustrated while packing their unit. The following tips can help make your move or clearing your home much easier.

Use One Sized Box For Your Storage Unit

It can save you a lot of money to drive around town finding free boxes from stores and retail centers. However, in the process of saving money you could be creating a bigger problem for yourself. While it may be an added expense you have to add on to your budget, buying one sized boxes is the best way to go. When it comes time to stack the boxes alongside your furniture in the storage unit, the process will be so much easier. Having several different sizes of boxes in your storage unit can create a problem and take up more space.

Choose the Right Size

Another problem that people often come across when trying to save money on their storage unit is choosing the wrong size. It is best to do your research and choose accordingly. There are plenty of online guides as to what each size unit can contain. If you are in doubt you can ask a storage facility associate to help. They can often provide the expert advice you are looking for. Beyond that, it is better to go bigger than smaller. Running out of space can mean having to get rid of items that you truly care about. It can also mean damaging your items in the process of storing them.

Proper Security

When you are investing in a storage facility unit, you want to be sure to find a location with plenty of security. The last thing you want is your items stolen or damaged while they are in the care of a facility. Be sure to ask plenty of questions about access and security measures at the facility location. This will save your belongings from theft and other problems.

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