Storage Units — The Proper Way to Store Your Possessions

an array of storage units with red doorsMany people use storage units to keep their belongings safe and secure. There are several steps you must follow that will make your storing experience a more effective and successful one.  With AAA Self Storage, you can rest easy knowing your belongings will be taken care of.

Important First Steps When Using Storage Units

When storing your possessions in a storage unit, you should make an inventory list of all the items you will store. This list can help you keep track of every item that goes in to the storage unit.  Once your items are in places in boxes, numbering the boxes will help you keep better track of what items are in each of the boxes.  

When arranging the boxes in the storage unit remember to place the boxes with the most frequently items in the front, for easier access whenever you need them.  It is highly recommendable to place the boxes on top o a small platform and/or wood pieces in order to avoid damage that could be caused in the event of flooding and also insect/rodent inflicted damages.

What To Keep in Mind When Using Storage Unitsa woman taking boxes out of the back of her red pick up truck and storing them in a storage unit

If you are storing anything made out of glass or a fragile material, label that box as fragile.  Always do this. Also, do not over pack the boxes. This might later cause for the boxes to tear open from the bottom, putting your items at risk of damage.

Another important thing to remember is to not store any flammable or combustible items to avoid any incidents.  Therefore, when storing power tools remember to drain them from any gasoline or any combustible liquid.  

If you’re ready to start storing your goods in a safe and reliable space, choose AAA Self Storage. With our units, we’ve got anything to suit your needs. Don’t hesitate any longer and contact AAA Self Storage today.