The Ultimate Self Storage Moving List

Picture of Moving supplies: duct tape dispenser on top of sealed cardboard box, paper on floor, close-up

AAA Self Storage in El Paso has a huge selection of moving supplies that are available to help people who are relocating. Whether you are moving your possessions into self storage or are moving your possessions anywhere else in the world, you need to have a full array of moving supplies to keep your possessions safe.

Things to Do Before You Move

One of the important things that you need to do is make a list of everything you need to get done to keep your property safe.
Make sure you have a labeling system in place so you can identify each box quickly. You can put numbered labels on all four sides of each box and have a master list of what is in each box number.
If a box is fragile, put this label on all sides of the box as well.
If you are moving appliances like fridges, freezers or other household items, keep the fridge and freezer drawers open and clean out all appliances so they are in good shape and won’t get moldy.
Try to put electronics in original packages when you can, and wrap your mirrors and pictures carefully so they don’t break.

Moving Supplies You Will Need

You want to get your moving supplies well before the day of your move so you have everything ready. Obviously, moving boxes are key to getting your items packaged. You should also have:

  • unprinted paper or bubble wrap to pack your items
  • packaging tape
  • moving blankets
  • cables to keep everything secure on the truck

Try to keep the weight of boxes to around 30 pounds as you pack, and avoid putting your things into sealed garbage bags if the stuff is going into storage because this can trap humidity. AAA Self Storage has all the moving supplies you need and can help make your move a success. We can help you make your move as smooth as possible, as well as providing storage units for those things that just don’t fit into your home. Contact us today for more information.
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