RV Storage: The Most Convenient Way to Keep Your RV Safe

lined up RVs in a lot (front view only)Now that the winter holidays are over, it’s time to get back in the groove of life. Perhaps you took your family on a cross country road trip in the RV and now you’re in need of a safe, secure storage space for the large vehicle. Although these types of recreational vehicles offer comfort when traveling, they can be a nuisance when they’re not in use. Their large size, for starters, can take up necessary parking space at home. An RV may not even fit on the street at all! In these instances, you need proper RV storage services from AAA Self Storage in El Paso.

What to Keep In Mind When Searching for RV Storage

When it comes to storing an RV, it’s important to follow a few rules in order to avoid any future issues. Finding the perfect RV storage facility is only half the battle. There are many details you must be aware of in order to achieve complete peace of mind for the duration of the RV’s storage. First off, make sure the RV storage is dry. If the storage location has moisture, the RV can be at risk of mold growth. A well-ventilated storage unit can provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Time To Prepare Your RV for Storage

Now that you’ve found the right storage, it’s time to prepare your RV for the road ahead. Cleaning the RV and making sure the tires are in good condition prior to storage are great first steps to ensure your RV doesn’t face any issues while in storage. Make sure to turn off all the appliances and protect the RV’s battery as well. Since the vehicle won’t be in use for some time, it’s not necessary for the battery to be running while in storage.

Keeping your RV secure is also incredibly important. Safe from mold, pests and theft. First, to avoid mold, keep the vents on the RV’s rooftop open. Make sure to install vent covers in order to prevent pests from finding their way into your RV. Even though your RV will be in storage, you can never be too safe. Placing chains on the wheels or locking the steering wheel can boost the security while providing more peace of mind.

Who to Choose in the El Paso Area

AAA Self Storage offers excellent RV storage services to residents in the El Paso area. If you’re looking for a safe, secure place in which to store your RV, we’re the team to choose!