Recommended Methods for Self Storage

young man moving and packing things and books to move to a self storageIt can be surprising to realize how much stuff can accumulate in your home when you aren’t looking, which is why self storage is a lifesaver. Old toys, furniture, and other things begin to crowd in closets, cluttering your home. Self storage is the solution to your problems. Deciding to declutter your home is easy when  you have a designated space ready to store the old items you can’t bear to throw away. The first step in clearing unnecessary items from your home is obviously to go through everything. You have to decide what is worth keeping and what isn’t. Once you have decided what you will keep and what you won’t, it’s time to find the best self storage facility.

Choosing Self Storage

To begin, find a facility that is convenient to you in both location and accessibility. Once you choose the best facility for your needs, it’s time to think of your budget. Typically, these facilities will feature a couple of different unit sizes. Since you already have an idea of what you are going to store, you can decide which size is right for you. You can also ask the staff members to help you choose what size unit you need based on what you are storing. Most storage facilities base their rates on the size of the unit rented. Also, remember to buy insurance for your unit. While not required, it is a good idea to have in order to protect your possessions.

Packing Your Unit

Once you have your unit rented and ready, you have to make sure all your items are ready for storage. This includes properly packing anything breakable, draining Picture of moving supplies readying a box for self storagegas from any lawn mowers or yard tools, and whatever preparations your items require. One thing that is recommended when you begin packing is the use of pallets. Wooden pallets will keep your items off the floor, adding a layer of protection. While it seems like packing up a unit is a haphazard undertaking, there is a better method than chaos. Put your bigger items towards the back, and plan a small path to allow you access to your entire unit. Anything you might need, such as old clothes, books, games, or tools, should be left for the front of the unit for easier access. For a complete list of recommended packing tips, click here.

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