The Quick Way to Declutter Your Home

garage in need of a decluttering Every so often, a solid decluttering of your home is necessary. Over time, items that you no longer use or need get stuffed in closets and other places. Often, we avoid decluttering because we do not want to part with treasures from the past. However, there is a simple solution. Google “storage units near me” and find AAA Self Storage. Our storage units provide a great alternative for keeping your memories.

Tips on Decluttering Your Home

Initially, make sure you are truly committed to your project before you even begin. When you are ready, start making a list of all the things you find during your purge. Skinny jeans from 2004? Those are probably a good candidate for donation. However, baby memorabilia, childhood photos and albums, even stuffed animals- these items hold sentimental value. Make sure you separate your treasure from the donation and trash pile. Make a list for your records as you pack them up in boxes so you know where your items are in case you need them. This way you never have to worry about where your memories are. Instead of stuffing your house to the max with these valuable items, rent a storage unit. clean organize garage that benefited from a quick Google search of "storage units near me"

Finding Storage Units Near Me

As mentioned before, Googling “storage units near me” is the best way to find the space you want, unless you are in El Paso. AAA Self Storage provides you with the space to store anything from your high school memorabilia in a 5’ x 5’ storage space to 30′ x 30′ space for bigger items. Also, remember you cannot store any flammables or combustibles in the storage unit.  Once you’ve gotten everything from your home to the storage unit, enjoy the newfound space in your home. Be assured that your possession are well taken care of. Thanks to the amazing 24 hour access service AAA Self Storage has to offer, you can access your items at any time.  With options near you, the only things left to do is begin the decluttering and contact AAA Self Storage today!