Why Proper RV Storage is Important

RVs in a lineThe cold season is quickly approaching the Sun City, which means the time for camping and other fun RV trips will be coming to an end for most people. Your RV is your gateway to fun outdoor activities, not to mention a huge investment for most people. As such, you want to make sure that your ticket to outdoor fun is stored properly in order to ensure you can keep enjoying it for a long time. Proper RV storage is essential to keep your vehicle in good condition and at AAA Storage, we have some good tips to keep things in pristine condition between trips.

RV Covers- Worth the Investment

It’s an unfortunate fact that RVs lose their resale value much quicker than cars. In order to prevent this, you want to make sure to invest in an RV cover if you can’t find covered RV storage. An RV cover will prevent harmful UV rays from fading out your paneling. This is probably one of the fastest ways your RV loses value.

Protect Your Tires- RVs are Heavy!

Your RV’s tires have their work cut out for them whether or not you are on the road. RVs are heavy, which is the most important thing to remember for RV storage. Make sure your tires are covered to avoid them drying out in the arid El Paso winter. If you can’t cover them, keep them well oiled with some Armorall. ,Remember to rotate them at least once a month- which essentially boils down to moving your RV once a month to keep the tires from enduring the weight of your trailer in one position.  This prevents them from warping, cracking in the dry weather, or sagging from the weight.

Always Make Sure Your Slides Are In

Sliders are those parts of your RV that expand and give you more room to enjoy when you are on the road. It is very important to slide them BACK IN when you are not using them, let alone storing them for a long period of time. Even if you have it parked in your driveway, it is important that these parts always be in when not in use. This not only keeps stress off of those sliding parts, but it prevents exposing seals to drying and deterioration.

Winterization is Key

Before you park your RV in AAA Storage’s secure RV storage area, there is one thing that is important above all else: winterizing your RV. Some people recommend removing the battery and storing it inside of the trailer in order to avoid any problems later on, but we don’t. Remember, you are going to want to move it at least once a month to prevent your tires from cracking or sagging. Winterizing your RV includes:

  • A good wash and wax to endure the winter weather (and prevent it from smelling when you take it out next year!).
  • Ventilation: proper ventilation prevents mildew and mold. Most RVs come equipped with roof ventilation designed to keep moisture out while promoting maximum air flow.
  • Clean and Check all Seals: this prevents any cracks that can occur during the winter months. We recommend conditioning them as well to keep them in prime condition.
  • Water lines and Storage tanks: make sure they are clean and dry with no water that may burst them should the weather dip below freezing. The last thing you want is to turn on your water next year and end up with a leak!

Find Secure and Reliable RV Storage with Us!

We know your RV is a huge investment and ticket to outdoor fun for you and your family during the warm season. We can help you store it during the cold months in a secure area so you can have room in your driveway. Call today for more information!