How To Prepare a Trailer For Storage

an SUV pulling a trailer through a desert landscape taking it to trailer storage before prepIf you own a trailer in El Paso, you may be wondering what you need to prepare for trailer storage. Prepping your trailer is important to ensure that long term disuse will not damage or affect it in any way. Here at AAA Self Storage, we know what you have to do to keep your trailer running next year.

Protect Your Tires

When you put your trailer in storage, your tires are at great risk of losing their shape. The biggest factors that could affect your tires are time and environment. Since trailers are left in storage for long periods of time, the weight of the trailer can deflate and deform the tire. Proper trailer storage technique then has two different methods. The first method is to jack up your trailer onto cement blocks to avoid so much weight on the tires. The second method is to remove the tires all together, then placing them on their sides on a flat surface.

Water and Trailer Storagea picture of a plain white small trailer

Since trailers are susceptible to the affects of time and climate, there are other precautions to take. Draining your water holding tank every season is important in keeping your trailer in good condition. Any water left standing can grow bacteria over time which could leave your tank dirty and in need of a deep clean. Another reason to drain out your holding tank is to keep moisture out of your trailer. This is crucial because even small pockets of moisture can lead to rot which can quickly deteriorate your trailer.

After any large road trip, it is always a great idea to store away your trailer. Still, if you want to keep your trailer in good condition for next year, these preparations will go a long way. AAA Self Storage understands the importance of traveling for business or with your family. Properly using trailer storage will ensure that you can keep your trailer running for your purposes for a long time to come. Contact us today!