Essential Preparations for RV Storage

Motorhome RV in Desert not primed for RV storage

Many people in El Paso look into RV storage if they are not going to be using it as much or if it takes up too much room in their driveway. It is common to store your RV over the winter months when reasons to use it are few and far between. It is often impossible to park your RV in a residential neighborhood because of lack of space, or due to homeowner’s association restrictions. The good news is that AAA Self Storage provides secure RV storage for your convenience.  Before you store your RV, however, there are a few steps to take to make sure it will be stored safely.

Avoid Pests and Rodent Magnets

To get your RV ready, you want to make sure you have taken steps to rodent proof it so no mice or squirrels get inside of it. Inspect the underside of the RV for gaps or holes that rodents could get through and use expanding foam or silicone to seal these gaps.  You should also get rid of any food or other items inside of RV cabinets that could entice rodents to come in and should silicone or foam openings in cabinets that rodents could get inside.

Protect from Devastating MoistureSpugnatura accurata camper being washed for RV storage

While rodents and pests can present a problem in an RV, moisture is your number one enemy. Make sure you check all the hoses, seals, and tubes that lead into your RV for cracks and weaknesses. While humidity is not a huge concern in El Paso’s dry heat, any moisture will still wreak havoc if trapped inside a crack or hose. Remember, even moisture trapped in the refrigerator or other appliance can lead to mold and mildew.

Choosing Safe Covered RV Storage

Last, you want to make sure you give your RV a good wash and wax to get through the storage period. Getting your RV ready is only half the battle. You also need safe RV storage. AAA Self Storage has secured facilities accessible through electronic gates and monitored with cameras so you don’t have to worry who is accessing your RV. There are also covered storage areas available so your RV is out of the elements. Keep in mind we also provide storage units for household goods, boat storage, and more. To learn more and to get your RV storage booked today in El Paso, contact us today!