What Items Need Climate Control Storage?

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AAA Self Storage in El Paso offers climate control storage in case you need to prevent items that you own from getting too hot or too cold when you store them. There are many items that can be damaged by wild swings in temperature or prolonged exposure to heat or humidity. If you own these items, be sure to talk with AAA Self Storage about safe ways to store your possessions.

Items that Need Climate Control Storage

Any items that could be affected by temperature fluctuations need climate control storage. Some of the most common items that people decide to store that need to have temperatures kept steady include:

  • electronics
  • musical instruments
  • antique wooden furniture
  • headboards and wooden panels

Electronics can begin to malfunction if exposed to excessive heat and humidity.  Musical instruments and antique wooden furniture could also be ruined by expansion and contraction that can occur when there are big changes in Vintage blue armchair, yellow cupboard and framed painting that should have climate control storagetemperature.  Wood tends to be a natural material that can expand or swell and contract as temperatures go up and down. This can lead to cracking and other problems that could ruin your antique or expensive wood items.  You do not want to take a chance on storing any items that could be affected by temperature changes and not taking care of those items properly so you should check with the item manufacturer to find out maximum and minimum storage temps.

Arranging for Climate Control Storage

When you are ready to arrange for climate controlled storage, contact AAA Self Storage today to get your storage unit booked. Protect your furniture and other delicate items that are susceptible to climate changes. We have affordable climate controlled spaces in a wide variety of different sizes in order to meet all of your needs, so contact us to learn more about our El Paso storage spaces today.