Items Forbidden in Storage Sheds and/or Units

AAA Self Storage storage shedsSelf storage units go beyond being just serving as storage sheds. AAA Self Storage provides you with safe, secure and clean storage units in El Paso in a wide variety of different sizes. This way,  you can keep all of your items locked up where you need them.  It is important to make sure that the storage sheds remain safe for everyone, so you should be aware of the types of things that you cannot keep in storage sheds.

Gas and Food- Not for Storage Sheds!

The law prohibits keeping items in storage units that could be hazardous or dangerous. This includes anything that is combustible, like paint, cleaning fluids, and gasoline. If you are storing any gas powered items in your storage sheds or your storage unit, you should drain the gas first before you put the items into storage. You should also avoid putting anything into storage sheds that is likely to attract rodents. This means making sure no food or things like potpourri should be stored inside your shed. If you are storing a refrigerator, make sure to properly defrost and clean out the unit. Outside of hazardous items and food items, however, you can store virtually all of your items at AAA Self Storage in El Paso.Vintage rummage junk pile storage sheds area mess.

Storing Your Items in El Paso

When you are ready to store your items in El Paso, you can find a storage shed at AAA Self Storage that is the perfect size for your needs.  Storage units are protected by 24 hour camera monitoring and there are electronic gates before you access them so you can be confident no one will get any type of unauthorized access to your storage shed.  You can keep all non-prohibited items kept safe and stored for as long as you need. To learn more, contact AAA Self Storage today.