Declutter Your Home With a Storage Unit

minimalist home with sparse furnishing and open spacesAs our American society becomes more materialistic, the clutter in our homes only gets worse. As this problem grows more studies are showing that clutter can lead to problems like stress, anxiety, and depression. Many people are attempting to move towards the minimalist lifestyle to relieve the adverse side effects of our materialistic society. However, minimalism is simply a luxury more than a lifestyle. We  propose a stress-free lifestyle with balance when considering to declutter. We even suggest using a storage unit to help with your progress.

Minimalism is Unrealistic

First of all, if we are being realistic, minimalism is not the best option for most people. Minimalism truly is a luxury for most middle-class Americans. Transitioning to a minimalistic lifestyle means purging all the items you don’t use. It will mean an empty junk drawer. It will provide clean countertops. The benefit of fewer items to put away and less clutter to shuffle or organize is great. However, later on down the line the thrown out and donated items will need to be replaced. And if you continue on in the minimalistic mind frame, you will throw them out again, and replace them.

For instance, if you have a couple of pop up tables and chairs you use once a year for your kid’s birthday party, they definitely cause a bit of clutter in the garage or spare room. But donating them or selling them at a garage sale would mean paying a rental company every year for tables and chairs. If you are a middle-class family living on a budget this might not be the best option for you.

How a Storage Unit Can Help

Whether you have trouble with letting go of things, or struggle to keep your home organized, you may be wanting to minimize the clutter. It can be hard deciding what to keep and what to throw out or donate. However, more space, less mess, and less cleaning are all definitely huge benefits to attempting to tame your clutter. A storage unit can provide a place to keep things you use on perhaps a yearly basis or memories that you aren’t ready to part with. You can also store other items you are not ready to get rid of just yet. If they sit unused for a specific amount of time in your storage unit you can safely donate or sell them.

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