Choosing the Right Storage Size

close up of woman's arms and hands locking a storage unitChoosing the right storage size can be difficult. You don’t want to pay for more space than you need. But you also don’t want to be left with items that don’t fit. At our westside storage location we have a wide variety of storage unit sizes. Take a look at our recommendations for what size storage unit to choose. When it comes to units in El Paso we offer a great selection and many options when it comes to other services as well.

Small Units

Small Storage: 5×5, 5×7 – A small storage space can fit about the amount of belongings you would place inside a walk-in closet. This could be used to store things you need to get rid of but aren’t ready to yet. This size storage space would also be great for seasonal items. If you go all out for Christmas or have a good amount of summer camping supplies this is the right size for you.

Medium: 5×10 – This storage unit will fit about the size of one room. This would be great for storing your office furniture during a move. It would also be great for storing a room during painting or remodeling. If you are in the middle of changing out decor but haven’t sold old belongings this would be great as well.

Large Units

Large Medium: 10×10 –  This is the perfect size for a large family room full of furniture and decor. It could also fit all the belongings from a small apartment. If you are moving into a larger place this would be the right size to fit a one to two bedroom apartment. Again, if you are remodeling, changing out flooring, or selling old furniture, this storage unit size would be great for you.

Large Unit: 10×15 – If you are moving and need a large unit to store all of your belongings this unit can fit a three bedroom house. This is ideal for a home with large items like bedroom drawers, televisions, refrigerator and so on.

Huge and Gigantic Units

Huge Storage: 10×20, 15×20, 10×30 – All of this units are fit to store all of the furniture and items in a five bedroom home. There is no shortage of space in these westside storage units. If you are looking for ample room, we have it in these units.

Gigantic: 10×30, 20×20, 30×30 – If you are looking for a very large, gigantic space for your small business move this would be in. If you simple want as much space necessary to move in-between your belongings for easy repeated access, this is a great storage to pick.

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