The Best Practice for RV Storage

RV on a desert road at sunsetRV storage in El Paso can be hazardous if you do not know what you are doing. Storing an RV is not like putting a regular vehicle away, there are plenty of precautionary measures to take. Whether you are leaving it outside or you have found a storage unit, AAA Self Storage knows what you need to do.

Wash and Wax your RV

A practice that goes a long way towards RV storage is to wash and wax your vehicle before leaving it for the upcoming season. Excess dirt left on your vehicle will begin to deteriorate your paint and even more so if it is mixed with water. The wax will be sure to protect you from any dirt build up both outdoors and indoors.

Right Ventilation

Many RV owners like to close their rooftop vents to stop rain or moisture from entering the vehicle. This a good practice especially if you do not have rain proof vents. It is important though to be sure to open these vents when storing your RV. Opening your vents will equalize the temperature inside of the RV. This will prevent moisture from building up inside which can cause mold to man preparing his recreational vehicle for RV storagegrow.

Turn it Off!

Before storing your RV, there is one last thing you should be sure to do. If your vehicle will be in RV storage for an extended period of time, be sure to turn off power from the main breaker. This will prevent your vehicle from using up electricity and possibly leaving you with a dead battery. It is also important to turn off your LP tank valve as you want to avoid any gas leaks.

Secure RV Storage in El Paso

Storing your RV correctly in El Paso can help protect your investment. Here at AAA Self Storage, we are equipped with RV storage units to fit any size. By putting a roof over your RV, we guarantee that your vehicle will stay looking as fresh as they day you bought it. Contact us today to find out more.