5 Moving Supplies You Need for Self Storage

A collection of moving supplies in a room, including cardboard boxes and moving blanket on light hardwood floor with a plastic bin peeking out from behind the largest cardboard boxMoving supplies are essential when you are planning to use self storage. However, what do you really need? If you aren’t planning for a big move, it can be hard to determine what moving supplies you actually need. Initially, you have to consider what it is you are packing away. A big home de-clutter project can purge your home of many old things you do not want to part with. For example, old toys, school memorabilia, and family items are not everyday use items. It is common for many self storage customers to store these items in a self storage unit until they know what they want to do with it.  AAA Self Storage in El Paso has superior self storage service that can meet your needs easily and at affordable rates.

5 Essential Moving Supplies

To begin, let’s consider the must-haves of packing moving supplies. There are certain items that any storage and packing projects require. Walking into a moving supply store can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first timers. Any packing and storage project will require the following:


Boxes are the most obvious supply on this list. Typically, the popular choice for storage boxes are regular cardboard moving boxes. However, they are not ideal for long-term storage, especially if you are not opting for climate control storage. Instead, some people choose big plastic bins with tight fitting lids to store possessions. These bins are ideal for storing clothes and other fabrics, avoiding old cardboard smell to permeate into what you are storing.

Duct/Masking Tape

Sturdy tape can make or break your packing project. Whether you use cardboard boxes or plastic storage bins, sturdy duct or masking tape will ensure your boxes stay sealed. If you are storing furniture, make sure to tape down any furniture cover or plastic wrapping in order to keep out dirt.

Bubble wrap/ Butcher Paper

Generally, bubble wrap and/or butcher paper, or another type of protective wrapping is always a good thing to have on hand. Wrapping your possessions will keep them cushioned and protected. Bubble wrap is the obvious choice to store breakables, while butcher paper can be wrapped around any items that are susceptible to scratches and dents.

Moving Blankets/Wrapping Plastic

People who are not planning to store furniture may ask, why are these necessary? The answer is simple- moving blankets and wrapping plastic provide your items with another layer of protection. Additionally, wrapping plastic or moving blankets can be put on the floor of a unit, protecting the often ignored bottom of your boxes.

List and MarkerYoung man packing up and wrapping a box with tape that says "fragile" in red

Any good packing project requires a master list and good thick marker in order to keep your items straight. There is nothing worse than packing and forgetting where something is. By taking the time to list everything being packed and in what box, you are planning ahead to when you may need the item. However, never list the items in a box on the outside. Instead, use numbers or letters as a reference point in order to ensure the safety of your possessions.

Find Moving Supplies and Superior Self Storage

Planning to store items, whether it is short term or long term, requires a solid organization plan. At AAA Self Storage, we can help you find the moving supplies you need, as well as help you choose the right size storage unit. You can trust we will keep your possessions safe and sound. For more information on our storage services or to rent a unit, contact us today!